In May 2008 The Stewpot became the partner agency for meal services at The Bridge Homeless Assistance Center, just three blocks south of The Stewpot.


The dining room at The Bridge is called the Second Chance Café. The Stewpot is currently serving three meals a day, seven days a week to approximately 1000 persons each day.  Volunteers dish out the food and also pour beverages for our guests once they are seated. Meals start at 7:30 am (Breakfast), Noon (Lunch) and 6 pm (Dinner).

To preschedule a volunteer meal service, note that youth volunteers MUST be 14 or older and accompanied by a parent or youth group leader; the adult must arrange all youth volunteer service commitments.

For individual scheduling or assistance please contact our Meal Services Director Ashlee Hueston at or 214.382.5919. Please include the size of your group and preferred meal service time and day(s) of week in your inquiry.